This PHP website for a customer account no longer works !!
In June 2013, for security reasons, the PHP Development Team decided to deprecate [remove] the MySQL Extensions from its new versions of PHP.  Later, when my Internet Provider upgraded its PHP to version 5.5, the databases in this program became inaccessible...
I could then have manually converted my old MySQL code into PDO or MySQLi but chose not to!

Customer Log-in

 Account Number  
Programmer's Notes:

This demo program was built from scratch using PHP and MySQL. It uses three databases containing sample data for twenty customers.
Each customer can see their current account balance and the invoice and payment transactions in their account for the preceding month..

To log on as a customer:
 • Enter an Account Number between 1 and 20
 • Enter the same number as the Password

To log on as Administrator:
 • Enter "admin" for Account Number and Password

The Administration Menu allows the administrator to add, edit & delete customer accounts. {It could be further programmed to also allow the administrator to add, edit & delete invoices & payments.}

     Jim F.