The Signs of Saturn

Saturn planet
Saturn is a slow-moving planet that takes 29 earth-years to travel around the zodiac.
In astrology, Saturn is associated with "restriction and limitation".  It brings structure and meaning to our world, and reminds us of boundaries, responsibilities and commitments.  Saturn brings definition to our lives and makes us aware of the need for self-control.  To find the sign that Saturn was in when you were born, submit your birthdate 
  or use the  Saturn Calendar.

If you have
Saturn in
Talents  Fears  
   AriesSelf-sufficent, proactive, independentRelying on others, being slowed down
   TaurusReliable, stable, good at finishingLack of security, or not being financially stable
   GeminiEncyclopedic knowledge, exceptional networking skillsNot knowing enough, not having the right formal training
   CancerSupport and encouragement of loved ones or staff, creating lasting legaciesNot having a family or not belonging
   LeoLeadership, longevity, ability to bring out the best in othersBeing ignored or rejected, not being taken seriously
   VirgoExceptional organizational skills, setting up systems, managing detailsChaos, disorder, lack of routine
   LibraNegotiation, diplomacy, promote fairness, designInjustice or inequality, double standards
   ScorpioUncovering anything hidden or hard to access, skills with money and powerNot being in control, melancholy, getting lost in the depths
   SagittariusPushing boundaries, exploring forbidden territory, commitment to truthRestrictions, responsibilities that limit freedom
   CapricornAmbition, hard work, perseveranceLack of professional or financial security, not having your efforts valued
   AquariusFree spirited, march to the beat of your own drum, revolutionaryHaving to conform or follow the same path as others
   PiscesFlexibility, ability to work in almost any environment, creativeBeing boxed in or forced to follow a detailed schedule